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a feature documentary about rural Americans born in the wrong era

Bury Me In My Buckskins is a documentary that is equal parts character study about rural Americans who feel as though they were born in the wrong era, historical exploration about life for the average mountain man in the 1800's, and a personal quest for a young filmmaker to get to know her misunderstood father.   The film follows a group of muzzleloaders, men and women who relive life in the early American west through primitive camping and black powder rifle shooting.  The documentary explores the heart of what it means to be a buckskinner and muzzleloader: connection to nature, respect for community, and practice of living history.

Bury Me In My Buckskins will put current issues up against the values of buckskinners and muzzleloaders. How does a buckskinner's connection to nature reflect in their opinions on climate change? Can one respect a community if one is appropriating other cultures? How does practicing living history help everyday people in 2020?

Bury Me In My Buckskins is in early production. Stay tuned for updates.

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